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Finland's Junior RoboCup #innokas2013 

The school I am currently on placement at in Finland invited me along to join Grade 6 on their trip to compete in Finland's Junior RoboCup (#innokas2013). I was not particularly familiar with the type of competition but it has been something I have wanted to experience for a while. I would say that this area of technology is definitely my weakest and I know that I only learn through trying and experiencing, and good news because I have only been here a day and have learnt so much already. 

(The opening ceremony) 

It is great to be in a exhibition centre full of children who know so much about something you know very little about. As a role reversal I am no longer the educator but the observer and learner, something I wish to always be as a teacher, learning as much as teaching. 

All of the robots are designed, programmed and built by the children using Lego Mindstorms software and equipment. 

The competition has 4 separate sub competitions.

1) Sumo - robots 'sumo' wrestling 
2) Football - can be played 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 
3) Rescue - robots compete a maze and complete various tasks 
4) Dance - dancing robots accompanied by groups dancing on stage As well as the results of games the teams are also marked 

(Sumo Arena) 

(Football Arena) 

(Rescue Track) 

(Dance Robot - Thrift Shop) 

I will be writing more posts and uploading new photographs as the competition continues. For live updates follow my twitter feed at @MegDouglasTeach


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