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How do I Learn?


I believe that people are the absolute key in learning, at least in my learning anyway. You can learn from books, the Internet, maps and all sorts but I believe the main source of learning for me personally is through people. We are most in tune with people and others around us, not objects. Objects are a tool to aid our learning but I feel people are how we learn. I have never been one to pick up a book, read it and learn something, I may have got something out of it but it probably would not stay for too long. I have never been a learner who can sit and read, I was never and still are not one for exams, I dread them. Revision is the worst; I still to this day have not found a suitable revision method that suits my learning. I have found that I learn the best through people and experience, it is all about communication. I learn by communicating with people, sharing with people and experiencing something with people, I can read and watch but I need a context and people are my context. I have previously written a blog about inspiration and I believe that the two, learning and inspiration are heavily linked. My learning has been through being inspired by others, even reading other posts on ‘How I learn’ have inspired me to write my own post.

So how do People aid my learning journey?

I have always learnt through being inspired and experiencing learning in a different ‘fashion’. When learning I like things to be different, if I am going to learn anything from text and books it must be visual. I prefer the creative side of learning, making videos, using colour, acting out a piece (things that involve people). I have to have context added to my learning and what I do must stand out in my mind in order for me to keep it lodged in my tiny brain. As my learning has increased and developed I have found new ways in which I can learn, I think they have always been around but I have only just started noticing that I am learning from them. I now also use social media to learn, studying a degree with so much depth has opened me up to researching and learning for myself and one way I do this is through social media and creating an online network. I do this mainly through using Twitter and my blog but have learnt so much in the past year just through connecting and communicating – again, with people. Since starting my teacher training I have developing how I transfer my learning skills to others. I reflect a role which shapes and moulds how others live and learn, this is a very important job as I believe that each individual learns differently. We are always teaching and learning in some form or another and I believe that developing how I transfer my learning on to others is my new challenge and will always be one of my aims as a teacher.

 I am yet to discover exactly how to do this but each day I am learning and with people to support me I am excited for the future to continue learning.I've written this blog post for @AnseoAMuinteoir who has set up a blog where others reflect on how they learn. It is a great blog and has inspired me greatly.

2013 update: 

This post is featured in the new 'How I Learn' book - all profits go to the Barnados charity. 



  1. That's really interesting Megan. I have a fascination with how people learn, it is something that has encouraged me to study Primary Education. I learn through movement and interaction. I found that my learning progression (had it been a graph) would have hit it's peak in about year 5; I believe this is because primary school is much more creative and flexible for learning styles, however, secondary was very much in the classroom - learn from the board. Thanks for your post, it has got me thinking.

  2. I find reading this as quite an eye opener. I think I would say we are almost at the opposite ends of the 'How do I learn' scale, as I'm somebody who does learn through books, reading, writing and note taking. That means seeing posts like these is rather helpful to me as it gives me a wider view of learning and will help me emphasise with pupils, and teach more creatively. So thanks for the post :)

  3. twigger43@hotmail.com28 January 2013 at 12:44

    Hello. This was a great blog to read. I'm currently in my 2nd year teacher training at Roehampton University and find this area of teaching and learning fascinating. From my experience in schools on placements I have been drawn to thinking about making my teaching strategies more engaging for the children. I've looked alot into philosophy for children and am attracted to the idea of a community of enquiry. I think this fits in with your thoughts of learning from people as the best way to achieve deep learning with children...and adults. Thanks



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