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My twitter story began on the 21st of February 2009. I didn't know too much about the 'website' just that you had 140 characters to say what you wished. However, little did I know, this 'website' wasn't really like most websites, once you're apart of it you're apart of a society. The whole 140 characters came as a struggle to 15 year old me, how was I supposed to tweet Orlando Bloom saying how much I loved him in ONLY 140 characters? So yes, like a lot of others I joined twitter to stalk. To stalk all my favourite celebs, this soon got boring, there are only so many 'I've just eaten a banana' or 'in the studio' tweets you can be interested in.
Based on it's continuing popularity I felt that there must have been another purpose to twitter, it couldn't be for me to really spread my views - I only had about 7 followers (50% Spam accounts...). That was until I discovered hash tags, the beautiful yet very simple symbol that connects you to hundreds and thousands of people around the world. Hash tags allowed me to discover people and the true networks and societies of Twitter. After hash tagging my beloved football team my followers began to slowly increase, active discussions were made and then people did want to start hearing my views.
Over the last four years I have used twitter to share interests, through that I have met some fantastic people who share similar interests and ideas. Twitter keeps me up to date, if you're going to hear about anything you'll hear it first on twitter....
So why tweet?
- it's simple
- short bursts of thoughts/feelings/events
- you can promote thoughts and ideas through hash tags and trends
- informal
- you can reach all types of audiences
Developing a professional twitter account....
I now have a second account helping me to build up a PLN (professional learning network) which is supporting my teaching degree. Again this is a whole new and different twitter community I had no idea about before September 2011. Educators come together to share ideas, tips, thoughts and promote e-learning and social networking within the classroom.
So why do others use twitter?
Personal Account Replies
Professional Account Replies
So, what is your twitter story?

(February 2014 update - Still have the same account but if you wish to contact me via Twitter then my username has changed to @MegDouglasTeach)


  1. This gets used in tomorrow's lecture!

    Do you manage your profiles differently?

    How much thought have you given to your professional persona?

    1. Thank you!

      I manage my personal account like I always have done, just to be myself and say what I wish to say. I use it mainly to talk about football, music or the weather ('normal' things). I always think twice about posting tweets on my 'professional' account, I have to think about the audience a lot more. My professional persona is reflected by my PLN account - my personal account is protected. I have nothing to hide but I feel I should keep both separate as I share and learn different things from them. Not many of my PLN followers wish to hear the latest Reading FC score!

  2. Megan, I love your video! Simple with an important message. Twitter has totally transformed my practice and I've been offered many opportunities that I simply wouldn't have without building up my PLN. These include taking part in the recent teachers' day at 2Simple Software, presenting at TeachMeets, taking children to present at events like The BETT Show two weeks ago and Learning Without Frontiers conference this Thursday... it goes on. Twitter is very 'real' for me now and I could not, and would not, be without it.

    Perhaps it's an obvious question, but I wonder why you feel the need to have a personal and professional account? Possibly for similar reasons that I have now 'locked' my Twitter account - peace of mind? 'Just in case'? Because you 'should'?

    1. Thank you Claire! It's great to see how Twitter has offered you so many opportunities. I really think it's a great platform and when used in the appropriate way can benefit people greatly.

      The main reason for having two accounts is that I use them for different things. My personal account is used to share my interests and my professional account it used to build up my PLN and share teaching interests.

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment!

  3. Not sure if you'd appreciate a comment from me, but just thought I would say how much I loved the whole idea of your blog and all the different concepts in it. Also, the video is so clever!

    Similar ideas to you on using twitter, both in personal and professional accounts. Started around the same time as you and that account has remained pretty self adsorbed. Then with my professional teaching account being set up in September I consider more about what I'm going to tweet with my 140 characters and focus the majority around my learning.

    1. I highly appreciate your comments Han! It means a lot for friends to be so supportive! And I definitely agree with you, my followers on my personal account know me well, they accept my random tweets about glitter, ribbon and football. When tweeting on my professional teaching account I try to keep it relevant.


  4. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great story - thanks to Jane Hart ( https://twitter.com/#!/C4LPT ) for originally sharing this!
    I first signed up to Twitter, as I was looking at Web2.0 tools in general for students; and really didn't get it. I had an account from March 07, but didn't use it for quite a few months (Not until November 08!) - took me a long time to work out *why* I'd want to use it. Now, I'm pretty active!

    1. Just discovered that http://howlongontwitter.com is good for finding out how long you've been on twitter, in my case 1778 days.

    2. Thank you very much Emma! Really good website!
      It seems a lot of people signed up for twitter and didn't use it till a year or so later.

      Thanks for your comments!

  6. A really good blog post - in my case I watched my children learning and felt that I was stagnating as a learner in my late 30s.
    I made the decision that I would take on something new each year so in 2009 I started tweeting and writing a blog. On a personal note the experience has been a positive one and further learning journeys have also been fun and varied!
    In terms of the discussion with Claire about locking accounts or having two profiles - I made the decision to tweet under one name and keep an open account - this has forced me to be circumspect in my posting and think about how I am perceived by those who read my tweets.

    1. It's great to hear your story, I would like to have just one account but I have built up different followers and tweets on each which I wouldn't want to lose. Thanks for your comments :)

  7. Hi, Megan, I mentioned this post here: http://www.ictineducation.org/home-page/2012/1/27/education-technology-and-ict-article-round-up.html



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