Multi Sensory Learning - My inspiration for teaching

Multi sensory learning has played a big role in my life, so much that I'm really quite attached to it.
Everyone says that their primary schools were like nobody else's but I really do think that mine was special. I went through the school with one amazing headteacher, she believed that children should learn through their senses and learning isn't just about reading and writing, it is so much more.
'Across all key stages, our teaching is child centered, multi sensory, active and co-operative. We are a creative school'
The school is so very creative and probably made me the creative person I am today, I'm no good at art, painting or drawing but it is all about creating a creative mind within a child. Letting the child create, learn and discover for themselves without being so spoon fed. Everything at the school is cross-curricular which I believe is the best way to learn. To learn through play and discovering rather than focusing on one particular subject. The main thing I loved and still love about the school is the amazing grounds, it isn't a forest school however they use every natural resource they have to aid and develop learning. The grounds are great and are used as one massive 'outside classroom', a few examples of how the outside grounds are used are:
  • Tree houses - there are 3 tree houses in the grounds of the school and are a big enough to fit a class of 30 in, teachers use the spaces to teach classes and are also often locations for outside speakers to speak/perform to the children. These were being built while I was at the school and all the children helped towards the building, we'd visit the site and speak to the builders about the process of the building work and also looking at materials used to create the house.
  • Coombes Henge - this is a 'mini' version of stone henge, it is located within the school grounds and is a small but exact replica of the famous sight in Somerset. The children can play around these stones and are taught about the source of the rocks as well as finding fossils.

  • Sheep - the school have their own set of sheep, classes take it in turns to feed the sheep. When they lamb the children learn about the process of lambing and follow the pregnancy right to the birth. More science is involved in the late spring/summer when the sheep are ready to be sheered, the children watch this activity and think about why this process needs to happen. The wool is recycled and used by the children for projects and workshops where they put the wool under microscopes and look at the material and oil, discovering how it is used as warmth.

  • Amphitheatre - the school has a amphitheatre in the grounds which is used for performances, it is used all year round with authors visiting the school and reading to the children as well as the children using drama and dance to share ideas.
There is so much more I could blog about so I am going to cut the blog into sections and do a few about the school and how they teach with such an innovative approach. I will leave you with a video (in the next post) that helps sum up the school and learning outside the classroom.

I've had such a good experience with multi sensory learning but I can't wait to gain more experience in other types of schools with other learning and teaching methods.


  1. Love the geology trail. Makes me think seriously about changing my specialism. I currently teach mostly in FE (ICT) but primary, I do some outdoor and environmental education, is so rewarding.

    Best of luck with your training and future career.

  2. Where is this school???it sounds astonishing! Was it mainstream primary?

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  4. The school is in Wokingham in Berkshire and yep mainstream - happy to talk about it anytime!

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