An introduction.

This whole blogging thing is rather scary really, daunting to think that ANYBODY can see this and my views could be so widely spread (I guess that's the idea..) I've done blogging in the past but it was very casual and more of a personal diary of what I did over my year 11 summer so full of pictures, videos and music. This all seems much more serious, I know it shouldn't be as for many blogging is a hobby, a way to relax and although there are many positive sides to blogging I kind of feel that I'm putting stuff out there just to be judged and criticised. So, please forgive me if I make mistakes, grammar, spelling etc. Or if I just get completely confused and get something totally wrong! I will undertake a lot of research for posts discussing practices and theories I may have looked at in seminars and lectures but the thing is I don't actually know much yet....

I have just started a four year BEd primary teaching degree specialising in ICT. I'm trying to build up a PLN and I aim to do this primarily through social networking and media, starting with twitter and blogging. So, I honestly don't know much, therefore my first few posts will be about my views and some of the school experience I carried out before starting the course. Please feel free to follow me on twitter (@MeganDouglas26 now @MegDouglasTeach) I usually tweet about content and ideas brought up in lectures and seminars with a few twitpics along the way.

So, if you wish, I invite you to join me on this journey.


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